Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Maldives

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Maldives

Scuba diving information in Maldives

Although the Maldives are known around the world for its wonderful beaches and clear blue waters, typical of the tropical paradise, only recently has its importance grown from a diving point of view. The Maldives are a group of 26 atolls in the Indian ocean, with 1 190 coral islands. These atolls are coral reefs hundreds of km away from any land mass, which means the water is very clear and sea life is abundant, and so perfect for night and drift diving, where you can explore caves, walls, cliffs and shipwrecks. Amongst the best diving spots in the Maldives are the Male Atoll (in the center), the Laccadives islands and the South Ari Atoll, which has one of the best diving areas in the Maldives, with its diverse flora and fauna and its magnificent 150m long coral reefs.

Geography and climate

The Maldives Republic is a small insular country in the Indian ocean, southeast of Sri Lanka and India, south of the Asian continent, with 1 196 islands, 203 of which are inhabited. The Maldives have a world record for being the country with the lowest altitude in the world. Its highest point is at 2.3 meters from sea-level, and its average altitude is 1.5 meters. The capital city, Male, is 90cm above sea level. The Indian Ocean has a great effect on the climate of the country by acting as a heat buffer, absorbing, storing, and slowly releasing the tropical heat. The temperature of Maldives ranges between 24 °C and 33 °C throughout the year. Although the humidity is relatively high, the constant cool sea breezes keep the air moving and the heat mitigated. Two seasons dominate Maldives' weather: the dry season associated with the winter northeastern monsoon and the rainy season which brings strong winds and storms.

Entry requirements

Everybody gets a free 30-day visa on arrival, provided that they have a valid travel document, a ticket out and proof of sufficient funds, defined as either a confirmed reservation in any resort or US$25/day in cash. This can be extended up to 90 days at Male, but you'll need to indicate where you're staying for that long. Importing alcohol, pork or pornography (very broadly defined) into the Maldives is forbidden and all luggage is X-rayed on arrival. On the way out, note that exporting sand, seashells or coral is also forbidden.

Health and safety

International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever is required only when travelling from an infected area and when the traveller is more than one year old. The recommended vaccination for all travelers are against Hepatitis A and typhoid fever. Recommendations change from time to time, so please consult your doctor.

Time zone

The Maldives have one time zone: UTC +5. DST in the summer.


An up-to-date technology and links to international satellites allow the Maldives a sophisticated communications system. Phones with international connection and internet are available in all the resorts, as well as calling cards in most of the inhabited islands. The mobile network, from the Maldivian telecommunications company, covers most of the resorts, allowing you to use your cellphone through your country's roaming service or by acquiring a prepaid card.

Power and Electricity

Electricity in the Maldives is 230/240 volts. The plugs and sockets are the UK and USA type.

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