Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in France

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in France

Scuba diving information in France

Diving has recently gained popularity in France, quickly becoming one of the French's favorite hobbies. The Mediterranean waters are very interesting for everyone, with its many fish, marine plants, coral reefs, walls, caves and shipwrecks. The best areas to dive in France are in the south and west, mainly St Tropez, Poqurelles, Nice, Antibes, Saint Raphael, Sainte Maxime and La Londe. You can find several historical shipwrecks, and in the western cold, clear waters is an abundance of marine life like tuna, mackerel, beautifully decorated reefs with starfish and soft coral, a beautiful scenery for divers. One of the most famous places to dive in France is La Londe Les Maures, with extremely rich fauna and flora along with world-known shipwrecks like the Donator and the Grec.

Geography and climate

Metropolitan France is in the western part of Europe, and so, within the northern temperate zone. France also has territories in North America, the Caribbean, South America, south of the Indian ocean and in the Antarctica. Metropolitan France has 547 030 km² and has the biggest territorial area of the European Union, with a great variety of landscapes, from the coastal planes in the north and west, the mountain ranges of the Alps to the southeast, the Massif Central in the south-central region, to the Pyrenees to the southwest. France's total land area is 674 843 km², 0,45% of Earth's total area. The country's north and northeast has a temperate climate, while a combination of sea influences, latitude and longitude make a varied climate in the rest of metropolitan France. The southeast has a predominantly Mediterranean climate, the west has a predominantly oceanic climate, with a high level of rain, mild winters and hot summers. In the country's interior, the climate becomes more continental and in the Alps and other mountainous regions climate is mainly alpine, with an average of 150 days with sub-zero temperatures and a snow coverage up to six months.

Entry requirements

To enter France a visa and passport may be required, depending on your country. Citizens of the European Community do not need a visa to enter the country. For more informations, please contact your travel agent, French Embassy or Consulate in your town.

Health and safety

There is no vaccination requirement to enter France, unless coming from an infected zone. The International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever is required only when travelling from an infected area and when the traveller is more than one year old. For more informations, please contact your doctor or the French Embassy.

Time zone

France's time zone is UTC +1 or CET (during summer UTC +2/ CEST)


As for communications, France has a modern telecommunications network, like public phones that you can find in the subway, train stations, airports, TGV and Eurostar trains, although the latter accepts only Visa, MasterCard and Eurocard. Payphones can often be in restaurants and bars. You can acquire a prepaid card or use your cellphone through your country's roaming service. You can also access the internet, available in cafés, bars, hotels and libraries.

Power and Electricity

Electricity in France is 220 volts by 50 Hz. The plugs and sockets are the European type, with two round pins.

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