Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Barbados

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Barbados

Scuba diving information in Barbados

Barbados is an island almost completely surrounded by coral reefs. The waters around Barbados' west coast offers divers a multitude of underwater opportunities with a diverse range of dive sites and ocean scenery. The most popular of dives are two, which can sometimes be at the same time: reef and wreck diving. In reef diving, usually about half a mile offcoast, you can find hard and black reefs, gorgonians and sponges. At Dottins Reef, the prettiest reef in Barbados, underwater wildlife like barracudas and turtles that can grow to up to 60 feet dwell within the nooks and crannies of the coral. Maycocks Bay on the northwest coast of Barbados features coral reefs separated by large corridors; divers can see about 30 meters or more down these natural underwater halls. The other type of diving, wreck diving, usually attracts more fish than reefs do. The people of Barbados, aware of the commercial usefulness of shipwreck diving, have been deliberately sinking ships since 1978. The wreck of the S. S. Stavrosnikita is one example of what keeps divers coming back. It is one of the queens of Caribbean wrecks, prepared for diving, can be easily entered and is void of anything that could trap a diver. That, combined with thick marine life, makes it a do-every-day dive. Another of these dives is Carlisle Bay, since it has four wrecks in such close proximity to one another that allows divers to explore them all in one dive, although only one is not enough for everything to be properly seen. The island's marine life is very different, and sometimes somewhat odd. In Barbados there are seahorses, batfish, turtles, rays, barracuda, parrotfish, snappers and large groupers. The best example of odd animals in Barbados is Sarge, the stingray, which waits for tourists near a reef in Southwinds/Close encounters. It eats pieces of flying fish right out of your hands, thanks you by caressing you with its wing and lets you pet it. The best time to visit Barbados is between April and November, when you are most sure to get calm seas and great visibility on the reefs.

Geography and climate

Barbados is the easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles. The island rises gently to the central highland region, with the highpoint of the nation being Mount Hillaby, 340 meters above sea level. The island is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, on the boundary of the South American and the Caribbean Plates. Barbados grew as a result of coral reef development, which is why much of it is circled by coral reefs. Gentle breezes abound throughout the year and give Barbados a warm climate which is moderately tropical. The country is generally split into a period of two seasons one of which includes noticeably higher rainfall. The period known as the wet season runs from June to November, when the average temperatures range from 23 to 31 °C. In contrast, the dry season runs December to May, when the average temperatures range from 21 to 31 °C.

Entry requirements

Some tourists are required to obtain a visa before entering the country, depending on their country of origin. Every person entering Barbados should have a valid passport, a valid return ticket and provide proof of adequate funds for the duration of their stay in order to be allowed entry to the country.

Health and safety

Travelers to Barbados are required to show proof of a yellow fever vaccination but only if traveling from a contaminated place. A vaccination against hepatitis A is recommended since it is a frequently occurring disease on the island. Liberal use of mosquito repellent is also advised, as there have been occasional outbreaks of Dengue fever. Medical expenses in Barbados can be costly, so acquiring proper medical insurance coverage is important. Barbados has a recompression chamber as well as a team of doctors specialized in diving accidents. Infrequent natural hazards include: earthquakes, landslips, tropical cyclones, and hurricanes. Crime most often is characterized by petty theft and street crime. Incidents of violent crime, including rape, do occur occasionally, so visitors should be especially cautious on the beaches at night.

Time zone

The time zone is the East Caribbean (UTC -4).


The island of Barbados is fairly well connected. Telephones can be found just about anywhere. Travelers should be able to rent working cellphones for use during their stay. Internet cafes are also widely available in Barbados

Power and Electricity

Electricity in Barbados is 110 volts by 50 Hz. The plugs and sockets are the USA type.

Other Informations

Driving is on the left. DO NOT underestimate just how powerful the currents can be. Shopping districts are popular in Barbados, with ample duty-free shopping. Also, Barbados has a great variety of street vendors. Haggle aggressively. Don't stop until you're at about a third of the original price.

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