Odisseia Azul

Odisseia Azul

Sesimbra, Portugal

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Porto de Abrigo de Sesimbra, Lojas 3 e 4

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Mobile Phone:
+351 917 512 996

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In the year 2016, some changes have been made, aiming at the well-being of our clients, such as the expansion of spas and a classroom for our students, and Upgrade to PADI Dive Resort 5 stars. At the service of our clients, they can count on a young team, dynamic and adequately certified to meet the needs of our clients. At your disposal we offer maritime-tourist services such as boat trips, photographic tours of the sea view, dives with camping on the beach, and activities on request.


Our dive center is located in the beautiful village of Sesimbra, considered by all to be the "Mecca of diving in Portugal", sheltered practically all year round and with its south-facing coast that shelters it from the north winds of summer , only being exposed to the winds of the south quadrant.


The spirit of the "Odisseia Azul", is to make all the leisure time be spent in the bosom of a family that shares the same pleasure, the same spirit of adventure and above all friendship.