São Miguel Island, Portugal

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Rua dos Mercadores nº63
São Miguel Island

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+351 962 445 280

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About » Sleek, intuitive, and powerful framework, with faster and easier scuba diving data management for sea lovers.


Skaphandrus is a project of sharing and documentation of the underwater world, benefiting from the knowledge of citizens who dive all over the world.


The desire to explore the sea bottom makes over 100.000 new certified divers per year. We believe that citizens of the entire world sharing their experiences as divers will add value to the knowledge we have of the underwater world, the biggest and least explored area of our planet.


Why Skaphandrus? We have drawn inspiration from a symbol connected with diving and the human aspect. The name Skaphandrus comes from the Portuguese word “escafandro”, meaning “hermetically closed equipment, with injection of air through a pump, that divers use to work underwater”.


The Skaphandrus project began in 2010, with the collaboration of citizens of different areas of knowledge as well as public entities. Collectively, we cover areas of knowledge such as biology, bioinformatics, archaeology, photography, software development and web design, thus adding to the development of this multidisciplinary project.


Our mission is to create the biggest platform for sharing and documenting underwater experiences, like photos, dives, species, spots, shipwrecks, etc., thus adding to the information available to biologists, archaeologists, tourists, divers, dive businesses, etc.

By encouraging the citizens of all over the world to share and document their dive experiences, we want to build a strong movement of data recovery and an important educational tool to raise awareness of the importance of preserving marine life.

We hope you’ll support us on this mission by joining Project Skaphandrus today.


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