Porto Seguro, Brazil

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Porto Seguro, Brazil



<p>Porto Seguro has great water conditions for diving. There are several spots near Recife de Fora, one of the most beautiful spectacles of the marine fauna and flora, including a huge coral area of several species, where many types of fish live, like groupers, pollacs, barracudas, surgeon-fish, etc. The depths vary between 10 and 15 meters. </p> <p> For the shipwreck lovers, a good choice is the Castor de Andrade, with 70 meters in length at 16 meters depth, where nature turned it into a reef with the most diversified marine species. Eastwards of this is the wreck of a platform (Bate-estaca) at a depth of 23 meters. </p>

Water Temperature

With a water temperature of around 23° C.

Diving Suit

Complete wet suit.

Visibility under water

Visibility around 15 meters.


The weather is always hot in the summer, with maximum temperature of 42° C and mild winter, with an average of 25° C.

How to get there

To get to Porto Seguro you can use the plane, bus or car.

Other Activities

Places of interest are the Historic City, the Discovery Landmark, Church of Our Lady of Pena, The Museum of Porto Seguro, Paradise water park and numerous beaches.


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